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Thursday 2 April 2009

Picnic Time: Fair and Weathered hamper

The daisies in the Domestic Sluttery HQ garden are coming out slowly. I love daisies. They mean summer is coming so I get very excited. Summer time means picnic time. Picnics are brilliant. You get grass between your toes, and there is nothing better than grass between yours toes. And it's always a little nippier than you think it will be. Perfect excuse for cuddling cute boys. Everything about picnics is brilliant. Seriously, when have you ever had a bad picnic?

This picnic basket is from lovely online store Fair and Weathered. If someone whisked me away to have cake and little sandwiches with one of these, I'd be very happy indeed.


  1. I love that picnic basket. In fact, I love them in general. Such a nice idea to go out and eat in the wild outdoors.

  2. It's lovely isn't it? We're going to be featuring a whole load of picnic type stuff as long as the sun is shining.


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