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Friday 3 April 2009

More tea, sensei?

They make really great mugs at Habitat.

One great thing about them is that they stack on top of each other. As in they're actually designed to stack on top of each other, in a neat and orderly way. As in they're not in danger of being chipped because, when faced with a lack of cupboard space, you've haphazardly piled them one on the other until what you're left with is not so much a kitchen cupboard as a small, terrifying cave full of teetering porcelain towers and every time you open the door it's a game of English Roulette as to which of your lovely teacups will tumble to the wooden worktop beneath and smash into smithereens.

Oh, just me then? Lovely.

My favourites right now are these gorgeous Japanese-inspired Akina mugs. Geisha girls and tea, it's a match made in heaven. £12 for a set of two, from Habitat.

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