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Thursday 16 April 2009

For the birds

It must be Spring - there's a bit of a flock of birdie goodness here at the moment and these crafty little jewellery magpies are joining the roost.

I have enough jewellery to keep many a boutique in business for years should they have any stock issues. But what I don't have are enough pretty jewellery stands. This isn't entirely a problem - if it has a hook it has jewellery hanging from it in our house (it's aaarrt dahling) - but it most certainly won't be a problem once I get my mits on one of these beauties:
Not only is it stunning, it's also got a pretty stunning price as well - £28! From those lovely people at Red Direct.


  1. Wow - some really great birdy finds, here! And nice prices, too. xx

  2. Thanks Birdy! We didn't plan to go bird crazy this week... maybe it's the springtime, but there's a lot of birdy stuff around at the moment!


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