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Monday 29 November 2010

All I Want For Christmas: Sara

Under £100

Ever since I was lucky enough to get a Michal Negrin necklace for my birthday, I've been obsessed by her work. Her jewellery is romantic, intricate and a little bit magical without being sentimental or bling-tastic. This choker comes on a velvet ribbon and would make a decadent gift for a very good friend. It's £56 from Love The Rain.

Under £50

For hopelessly romantic couples who can't possibly not hold hands when out in winter, how about a pair of lovers' gloves? You can keep your fingers locked and your hands warm by holding hands in the middle section. No more clasping bulky mittens together, or turning your fingers blue by going for an ungloved handhold, or opting for the inadequate middle ground of putting your hand in your partner's pocket.

I think they're cute and knowing enough that you won't look like smug marrieds. Buy a pair for your other half in preparation for a Christmas Day walk. If anyone mocks you, remember - people laughed at the Slanket. They're not laughing now. £30 for a pair in soft lambswool from Seasalt.

Under £10

I'm not one for subtle nail varnish and this Nubar polish comes in a gorgeous, shimmery turquoise. It's an unusual shade that makes a change from the usual Christmas reds and glitters. Plus it has a subtle holographic effect that catches the light in a very distracting manner. This nail varnish brings all the boys* to the yard**. It's £7.99 from Amazon.

* girls
** my desk at work so they can coo over it


  1. Thank you - absolutely the perfect nail polish for my beach birthday party outfit - turquoise kaftan and sequinned flipflops :-)

  2. Happy birthday Ruth! Are you somewhere sunny, or are you going to turn up the central heating and pretend you are?

  3. *puts nail polish on wish list*
    I'm lucky enough to have been to the Michal Negrin shop; it's like a wonderful, magical grotto.


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