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Wednesday 10 November 2010

New world order: travel treats

With far too long till Christmas, it's definitely hibernation time. If my home is my castle, I'm tending to spend my evenings with its fires ablazing and the drawbridge up. It's usually this time of year that my mind (if not my body) wants to take off on some new adventures, or at least book a nice holiday. Here's some goodies that have been fuelling my wanderlust.

First up, it's these city globes from Globee. Rather than show the world, each globe illustrates a different city. Paris is shown above - can't you just imagine skipping through those streets, perhaps stopping off for a cafe au lait or to browse the shelves of Shakespeare and Company? They also produce globes based on Berlin, New York, Rome, Sydney and Venice, as well as lots of UK cities. Prices vary between £19.95 and £29.95 but in a genius move you can also buy the globes as money boxes so you can save up for that dream drip.

Inevitably my film and book intake increases over the winter months. I'm going to try and keep my Amazon purchases under control with Susan Bradley's European landmark bookends, available for £19.70 each from the Hidden Art Shop. And, having seen that Colosseum bookend, I'm definitely going to add Roman Holiday to my wishlist.

We've featured Famille Summerbelle's beautiful maps before, but they're now also available on cotton bags for £19 each. Here's my current dream destination, New York City. I'm not sure how useful this map will be once/if I get over there but it sure is pretty.

Lack of travel funds prevailing, I am trying to console myself with the thought that apparently there is no place like home. Handily for that, the globe, book-end and bag also all come in London designs - they may even pursue me to venture outside my flat into the cold. Maybe.

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  1. How amazing is the Globee?! I know Birmingham is pretty ugly, but I'm still upset that our second city hasn't got a Globee - I'd definitely have bought one. Awesome find, as always.


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