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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Sluttery Travels: Fish Court, Hampton Court Palace

This is certainly the fanciest of the Sluttery Travels series. I didn't know until this weekend that you could have a little holiday at Hampton Court Palace. Really! A little bit of the palace just for you! In Fish Court, where the wonderfully named Officers of the Pastry resided (seriously, I want to be an Officer of Pastry. I think it means that people bring you pastry to taste, and that you're allowed to eat everyone's pastry and no one is allowed to eat yours).

Mmmm... pastry.

Anyway, back to Fish Court. The stunning accommodation sleeps six. There's two bathrooms and you're free to explore the courtyards and gardens, even after everyone else has gone home. That's very exciting. Just play Princess in the garden after the gates are shut, whilst the palace staff do their best to make you feel at home. Frankly, they'd have a difficult job getting me to leave after my stay was over.

And how much is that stay? Extortionate, right? Well it's certainly not the cheapest place I've written about. But at a staggeringly good value £656 for four nights, I'm booking at the first opportunity. If you've got a group of friends, that's a little over £100 each for the most impressive weekend stay in all of England. Obviously it's fully booked, right? It is until the end of January, but even the Valentine's weekend is free. You can book through the Landmark Trust.

That's my weekend break for next year sorted. Who wants to come?!

Flickr image of Hampton Court Palace from bortescristian's photostream.

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  1. ME ME ME! *stretches hand up madly* That's a future destination for me for sure...


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