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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Sluttery Travels: Appleton Water Tower, Norfolk

I do rather like the idea of a secret hideaway for two. In this case, Appleton Water Tower in Sandringham, Norfolk, has the potential for two plus two but I'm going to ignore that. Because just look at the bedroom:

And then look at the view:

Perfect, isn't it? I love the design of the place. It's a Victorian building, and the bright decor is a pleasant surprise. The secrets are kept inside, leaving the traditional building, complete with viewing platform to speak for itself. It's a perfect little haven for cheeky weekends away.

It's about £100 a night, but you get the whole tower to play in. And there's definitely only room for two.


  1. Love it SO HARD. Think I'd have to go for the 2+2 option to afford it, but I really want to go. How do you find these places?

  2. Oh you know, a general obsession with being whisked away by a dashing man.

  3. Oh dear LORD I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!!!!


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