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Thursday 18 November 2010

Sock it to me: Hansel from Basel

Hurrah! The best bit about the winter months is that it's well and truly tights season again. Ever in search of my tight fix, this year I'm lusting after the designs of Hansel from Basel. Don't let the name mislead you as they're actually an American company, based in L.A. Though you might think people from that sunny city couldn't rock it in the hosiery department, they totally prove that theory wrong. There's a small section of their designs available on the UK Urban Outfitters site (is it just me that takes pleasure that using 'Hansel from Basel' as the search term also brings up a gingerbread house?) but for the really good stuff you have to order it directly from the States. Good stuff like this:

Let's ease ourselves in with these Marionette socks, or 'booties' as they are called on the site. I love the way they've got a subtle take on the military look without looking too Sergeant Pepper. They'd look great with shoes like this. They're $15, though don't forget you'll need to pay for postage from America on top of that.

Here's another sight for sore eyes, the My Lost Glasses tights. Covered with cute images of glasses, they've definitely got specs-appeal. Team them with one of these bags for some librarian chic. These are $35.

And finally, these colour block tights for $32. Initially pretty standard looking, they're made fancy by their bright pop of colour on the toe. Wondering whether you should wear tights with peep toe shoes in the Winter months? These tights answer that question with an emphatic yes.

With other designs inspired by snowpom-poms and giant cable knits, I'm definitely planning on being the damsel in Hansel from Basel this Winter.

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