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Monday 22 November 2010

Book Review: stewed! nourish your soul

Some of you may already be more than familiar with the stewed! brand. You may have even grabbed yourself one of their stewed! pots from the supermarket when you were in need of a quick, convenient, delicious lunch or dinner. But did you know they now have a recipe book out?

Now I must admit that I have never tried the stewed! pots personally as I am one of those annoying people who steers clear of the ready made meal aisle. However, I was delighted to receive a copy of their new cookbook stewed! nourish your soul for several reasons. Firstly, I would pretty much eat stew every day if I could and secondly, due to the 'bijoux' nature of my current kitchen and a husband who complains about having to wash up lots of pans, anything that can be made in just one-pot is always a winner!
The book contains recipes for a whole 80 stews and one-pot wonders, which are broken down by region. I decided I fancied something from the Americas (unsurprisingly with my americana obsession really!) and while I was highly tempted by the Boston Baked Beans and New England Clam Chowder I settled on Succotash, a variation of traditional native American dish which consists of sweetcorn, butternut squash and broad beans. The recipe was clear and easy to follow and the end results where delicious! I apologise for the lack of photo now but my brood polished it off before I even had chance to charge the camera.
I can't wait to try out pretty much every single other recipe in this book, I'm pretty certain the Beef in Ale with horseradish and stilton dumplings (in the top right corner of the picture above) will be gracing our table this weekend in particular. Seriously, even under interrogation from the Gene genie himself I couldn't pick out a single recipe I wouldn't want to try. My family's soul will definitely be feeling very nourished this winter thanks to Stewed!

Stewed! by Alan Rosenthal, published by Ebury Press retails at £14.99 but is currently available on Amazon for the bargainous price of £8.74


  1. Thank you for this lovely review! i am so pleased!

    Would be great if you tried a couple of pots... get in touch if you'd like us to get you some... somehow!


  2. Clam Chowder. That's next on my list of making.

  3. Siany, I love Clam Chowder, it reminds me of a wonderful holiday in Cape May, New Jersey so cant wait to work my way to that one!

    Alan, so glad you like the review. The book is truly fantastic!


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