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Friday 12 November 2010

Shop in the Spotlight: Custom Made

My first introduction to Custom Made was earlier this year, whilst desperately casually browsing for my sister’s birthday present in July. I did find something, but I refuse to admit whether I have sent it or not, on the grounds that it may *ahem* incriminate me.

Custom Made is a range of accessories created by the designer Anna Butler, inspired by (my favourite thing ever) "bright assed colours, pretty prints from far off places, quirky charms” and much more. I think it’s just lovely.

Look at this! A tiny postcard necklace! I think it’s lovely, especially as I’m travelling a lot right now. I’ve said how I feel about souvenirs before, but I think I can definitely make an exception here. It’s also a silver plated charm on a real silver chain, so you’re not going to get a bizarre green line around your neck that takes you a week to figure out how you got it. It’s £18.50.

And this rather lovely shoulder bag, £23.50, is just the perfect size for some quality window-shopping. It would fit your purse, phone, keys, and a wee book to read on the train. The strap’s also long enough to cross over your body, which I think is handy, to say the
very least.

Or these Little Lady brooches, which are little pins of extreme delight. They’re £7.50 each, and I’d definitely get the red one, to maximise Red Riding Hood slash Babushka doll symbolism. Aren’t they the sweetest little things! Je les aime.


  1. thank you very much for featuring Custom Made!
    Anna, Custom Made

  2. forgot that I actually read this blog...SEND ME A PRESENT - ACTUALLY MAKE IT TWO.

  3. Also - Custom Made is awesome. Fin.


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