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Friday 5 November 2010

Mini notebooks for big ideas

I don't know about you, but I find that often the best ideas come when I'm not TRYING to come up with ideas. Usually that's when I'm on the Tube, or in the queue at the Post Office, or when I'm comparing the prices of noodles at the supermarket. And since I don't always have a notepad handy, I end up scrawling things on the back of receipts, on napkins or, in more desperate moments, on my hand.

Well I've just found my solution - these beautiful little "ideas notebooks" from Mabel & Rose (£5 for four). They come in a variety of colours and each one has an old-fashioned pictureblock design on the front. These notebooks are so small they can fit in any bag or pocket and even better, they come in a pack of four. This way I can make sure there's one in every bag or in the pocket of every jacket I own, and then I'll always be prepared when those ideas come to me.

Just as long as I remember a pen.

Guest post by Claire Nelson.


  1. These are a lovely find and a great price! I always keep a stash small notebooks to hand and have one in every handbag, so will add these to my list for my next notebook purchase.

  2. I love having a notebook handy too- as a blogger, writer...always wanting to jot something down - the name of a book - a paint colour, blog or website - these are the perfect size! Thanks for letting me know about them.


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