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Friday 19 November 2010

Dream Dress: First Love Dress

I often find it really hard to find dresses I like that are really suitable for the colder months of autumn and winter. As I have mentioned before I tend towards the overuse of cardigans instead! So, although the First Love Dress from The Pin-Up Emporium cost £150, I am definitely inclined to save up my pennies for it! It is everything I love in a dress and it's classic 50's styling means I will get lots of wear out of it for years to come.

They also sell a rather wonderful range of lingerie, including this gorgeous What Katie Did Glamour Girdle (£35), which will ensure a perfect foundation for that authentic vintage look!


  1. Oh that's lovely, I really like it. Totally agree that you'll just keep wearing it for years. Plus, it's got sleeves - always worth extra points in my book.

  2. There's something similar in bright red at Zara £69. and a grey one with black skirt and flowers.


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