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Monday 22 November 2010

You Scrubber: The Toast and Jam Bodywash Set

Make no mistake about it, Secret Santa season is fast approaching, and if your brain is already too frazzled by all the seasonal excitement to come up with anything more original than a toiletry set or some fancypants chocolate, don't despair.

This bizarre new Toast and Jam bodywash set looks like a twee pot of strawberry jam and a satisfyingly thick slab of wholemeal toast. But before you drool all over your computer and trundle to the kitchen to make the requisite accompanying pot of tea, look closer.

All is not as it appears. This breakfast of champions is actually a sponge masquerading as a slice of toast and a fruity tub of bodywash. The quirky presentation stops it from being yet another yawnsome toiletry set, but it's still a safe enough bet that you could bequeath it to someone you don't know so well without worry. And it's only £6.99, from Firebox.

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