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Tuesday 23 November 2010

You're having a carafe

Due to being in the right place at the right time, I got given a rather snazzy voucher to spend at Naked Wines. And spend it I did! So next week, Sluttery HQ is going to look an awful lot like an Oddbins. So I'm going to jazz up my drunken lush wine-buying with some fancy things.

I've ordered a few reds, so I've decided that as the win was free, I can treat myself to a sexy carafe. Y'know, because that helps red wine 'breathe'. Honestly, I don't know enough about wine to understand what that really means, but I do know that this carafe is damn pretty. The coloured ball top is cut so it doesn't roll about the place, but you can also let it nestle in the base of the carafe as well. The carafe itself is mouthblown and it's a perfect shape. It's £75 from Design House Stockholm.

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