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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Dream Dress: Black Feather Dress

If you can't where a sparkly sexy little black dress to winter parties, when can you? Throw in some feathers, and basically, you've got the perfect party dress. Not too many feathers though. I don't want to go out looking like an extra from Sesame Street.

This little prom dress from Miss Selfridge is part of their Limited Edition collection (by that, they mean expensive), and it actually looks a little puffier in this photo than it does on the model But I'm really very taken with it. It's the perfect amount of sexy and sparkly, without you looking like you're trying too hard. But, it's £110, so you'll have to make sure you'll have to go to a few more parties.

1 comment:

  1. I died a bit inside when I saw this one in the window of Karen Millen yesterday:

    They do it in black. I didn't dare try it on because I knew it would fit perfectly and look amazing...


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