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Friday 5 November 2010

What foods DON'T the Domestic Sluts like?

Domestic Sluttery is all about the good stuff in life, the yummy food, the tasty treats and things that make us happy little clams. But try as we might, there are some things that we just can't stomach. There are foods that we'll never touch, or that we've tried our very best to get on with and just can't, no matter what we do. Here, in a little twist to our usual posts, are things that we really really don't like.

Siany: If we're talking meat, anything to do with liver. Even pate. My mum used to cook it when I was a kid and even the smell would make me gag (and my mum is an amazing cook). It's the texture, the smell, the taste. Everything. And despite trying very very hard to enjoy it, tofu will never pass my lips again. I know when to admit defeat.

Sara: Melted cheese. Hard cheese - fine. Melted, stringy, gloopy cheese, oozing all over my plate - no thank you. I can't stand the texture. I order pizzas without cheese and pretend I'm vegan.

Sam: More of a herb than a food, but I absolutely loathe coriander. Bleargh. I can taste it a mile away. If someone has even considered using coriander in a recipe, I can taste it. I can’t understand why other people like it either, it’s like purposely ruining a good dish.

Abi: Sundried tomatoes. I'm not sure if it's the overly salty flavour or the chewy texture that puts me off, but my heart always sinks a little bit if I order a pizza or pasta dish and it comes covered in the offending rubbery items.

Alex E: There isn't much I don't like, but if I really had to choose I'd say liquorice or aniseed-type flavours - everything from Bertie Basset to Pernod cocktails. Yuck! I can take it in small doses, but to me that vile medicinal flavour doesn't belong anywhere near a dish I cook.

Michelle: I do not like Brussel sprouts as I nearly choked on one as a child and have never forgiven them. Also I cannot stand bananas; the smell, the texture, everything about them makes me want to gip *bleurgh* (although strangely I don't mind them in a banana loaf cake!)

Gail: Cream. I can't stand it, whether single, double, whipped or (and this really makes my stomach lurch) clotted. Even saying that makes me feel ill. To me it's a bit pointless and it's usually a delivery system for other flavours. I can't eat 'cream of' soups or creamy sauces either. Ice-cream is of course a different matter.

Selina: Raisins and currants. They are (to paraphrase Monty Python) ex fruits. They are essentially the least fresh fruit you could ever eat. It also disturbs me to think how on earth they were discovered. It must have been a mistake, who on earth would look at a shrivelled, way beyond its best grape and think "Ooh I'll eat that! And put it in cakes to fool people into thinking they're getting choc chips!"

Gemma: As a former (very) fussy child I could give you a massive list of things that I don't enjoy - like Gail I'm not a fan of creamy anything - but I have learned to be a bit more of a grown-up about it and eat the things anyway. However, mashed potato still makes me heave (it's the texture) and I think carrots are evil. I think I've projected all my childhood fussiness onto these two foods. Even grated and coated in lashing of soy sauce in a stir-fry, I will meticulously pick the carrots out when nobody is watching.

Alex S: Mushrooms. They look disgusting (why would you want to eat something that's grey?), they smell slightly musty and have a weirs slimy texture that makes my skin crawl. Unfortunately I'm the only person in my family who won't eat mushrooms - cue me spending an inordinate amount of my childhood picking them off pizza and out of pies.

What foods do you hate?

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  1. What about aubergines, the slimy greasy lukewarm grey sludge #retch# - I can just about stomach them if they are grilled in circles and nice and dry, but when they are pureed, mashed, cubed, curried, stewed - ugh I want to hurl just thinking about it!

  2. Yes! I am delighted to learn that I'm not the only one who can't stand mashed potatoes! I have a problem with most stodgy, traditional English meals - cottage pie, custard, crumble. Ugh!

  3. I'm with Gail on the cream. I hate it when I order a yummy-sounding cake or pudding and it arrives drenched in cream even though there was no mention of cream on the menu. Cream is just so sickly and it's a complete waste of calories - give me custard or ice cream any day!

    And Selina's right about raisins and currants, too - horrible, squelchy, slimy things that hide in otherwise delicious apple pies. Urgh.

  4. I hate fruit cake. It's the least pleasant supposedly edible thing I can imagine putting in my mouth.

    Selina, have you ever tried raisins in a slow-cooked casserole? They reinflate in a freakish manner and go juicy again! Like little zombie grapes.

  5. Sam, I can't agree with you more...coriander - what is that all about? A boyfriend tried to impress me once with a dish of scallops with a coriander to ruin some decent scallops! And what's worse - he upped the amount of herbage to his own taste. He was history very shortly after!

  6. Mayonnaise and salad cream - spew! I hate the fact that most ready-made sandwiches are slathered in the stuff. The sight and smell of it makes me heave and it's somehow even worse when made into things like coleslaw and potato salad. Eeeuuww!

  7. My friend says coriander tastes like soap!! And another friend of mine (his wife, actually) hates bananas and hates custard but loves banana custard!!

    As for me, I HATE fruit and diary together. I think it comes from my dad putting single cream on fruit salad - I can remember seeing splitting and curdling and thinking 'surely it will do that in his stomach?' So any kind of fruit and dairy together freaks me out - no cherry yoghurts or berry pavlovas, or even strawberries and cream, for me. YUCK!!

    And why has no one mentioned tomatoes? They are the devil's testicles! It's just too many textures - the skin, the flesh, the pips, the juice, the jelly around the pips, TOO MUCH! I can eat tomato concasse or petals, or pureed in a soup or stew, but the thought of biting into one makes me spine flip.

  8. I'm amazed that Siany has identified literally the only two foods in the world that I take issue with! I am known for shovelling any and all food in sight into my face, but stop short at liver (again, the texture thing). I do like chicken liver pate but I think it's more the accompaniments (melba toast, pickles, chutneys) that I enjoy rather than the liver. Wouldn't say I "hate" tofu as such, more that I don't see the point of it...

  9. Banana's celery and liquorice. Yuck.

  10. Onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. Y'know, the basis of most recipes...Onions especially make me vom if I accidentally eat them. They're all veiny!

    Oh, I'm with Alison on the mayo and salad cream too! Thankfully M&S does a few mayo-free sandwiches.

    Thankfully, the mister won't eat *any* vegetables (aside from chips), which makes me look like a hugely adventurous eater in comparison.

  11. Becca - we are clearly kindred food spirits. You've reminded me, as well as the mash and the carrots, I too hate custard. Horrible yellow goo!

  12. I share Miss Cay's ability to projectile vomit after consuming bananas. Don't know if I'm officially allergic to them but I really don't want to eat another one as long as I live.

    I also hate the texture of mushrooms - too much like snails (or at least what I think snails would taste like). Same goes for oysters - never tried 'em, never will.

  13. I'm with Alex E - I HATE aniseedy flavours. I think it's thanks to a horrible experience with Ouzo at a house party when I was 15...bleurgh.

  14. I'm with Michelle on bananas although I can't stand the taste inside of anything either - not banana bread, not smoothies, nothing ...

    Great fun post!

  15. *Sigh* Chocolate. No really, white, milk, dark, even the smell. I include cocoa powder under this heading. Which of course every restaurant likes to RUIN perfectly good desserts with (this is why I learned to make tiramisu myself, I was sick of scraping off the top layer every time to get rid of the sprinkled chocolate).

    And chutney. And blue cheese. But I've recently started to like salad, and dressing, and curry, and to LOVE tea, which I used to hate. My fiancé has decided to be satisfied with having made me like curries, and knows the chocolate is never going to happen. And he even scrapes it off my desserts for me. :)

  16. I don't like melon. It smells weird, they are stupidly big and pointless and I don't allow them in my house.

    Also don't like any strong cheese beyond mozzarella or cheddar. As I'm veggie a lot of the menu options are always covered in filthy stilton or rank brie. Bad, dirty cheese!

  17. I can't stand coffee, above all other flavours!

    Also, some kinds of lettuce leaves with stalks (like lamb's lettuce) make me feel queasy. Can't eat them. No idea why.

  18. anything to do with dried fruit makes me wanna vom. anything that mildly resembles the taste of dried fruit does not enter my personal space!
    fruit cake, mince pies, anything with a horrid cinnamon sort of flavour. NO.
    Prettymuch rules out anything that is considered 'festive'. Bring on the chocolate yule log!!

  19. I'm pretty much a fan of all food - except anything licorice flavoured and any liver, kidney, organ meats - yuck - although ADORE pates....odd how our taste buds work isn't it

  20. am with Gail on cream. Pineapples, peppers and I really don't like sausages either.

  21. Yes! Yes! Even the smell of bananas and anything aniseed will make me gip. Blee! I don't particularly like fruit cake but I cannot ABIDE stray fruit in savoury dishes (raisins or apples in salads, lamb with apricots etc will all make me cry).


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