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Monday, 29 November 2010

In a tight spot: IKEA's Fusion space-saving table

I'm not normally an IKEA kind of girl, and a recent trip to their Edmonton branch left my head spinning for nearly a week. But one thing I did spot on my travels was this really rather nifty space-saving table and chairs, which is ideal for those who'd prefer to avoid endless TV dinners in a small flat.

The 'fusion' table is also available in a paler oak veneer, making it suitable for most living or dining room themes. It fits neatly into corners, alcoves and other tight spots, and I'm thinking it might just be the perfect stylish solution to our lack of dining room situation. I love the way the chairs, which have triangular shaped seats that are comfy enough for at least two courses, slot so tidily under the surface.

It's £229 at IKEA (and available to order online if you also find those furniture store trips do weird things to your head) complete with its four chairs.


  1. It looks pretty, but we have 3 in our kitchen at work and I have to say not one of my colleagues' backs is shaped at a 90 degree angle like these chairs are.

    Noone sits in them because they are so uncomfortable.

  2. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up. I am/was very close to buying one, as we do need a dining table and the only space available is in the living room corner. I guess I could find a tiny two-seater but this looked like a good solution...hey ho!

  3. A friend of mine has this and I helped her assemble it - and it's great. I think the chairs are comfortable. Not that you'd lounge in them all evening, but fine for having dinner or doing a bit of work at the table.

    But maybe I have low standards when it comes to comfort, as I've been sleeping on the world's most uncomfortable mattress for the last year...

  4. I actually have this table and it's quite useful, especially for a Paris apartment where there is not even enough room to gain holiday weight! Good post...and the chairs are more comfortable than they look!


  5. Abi maybe seek out assembled versions of the chair in store and sit in them for the length of time it takes to read a Sunday supplement feature article? See how they fare? :)

  6. Time to buy some nice cushions...

  7. Dwell have done something similar for a while that looks comfier:
    ...course, it's three times the price. Maybe cushions are the answer after all.

  8. My local cafe has these, the whole place is ikea :) They are nice looking but not the most comfortable table out there


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