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Wednesday 24 November 2010

Bag Lust: The V&A News Clutch

Right now the fashion spotlight is focused on dresses for the Christmas party season. However, once you find that perfect dress, you've then got to find the perfect accessories, the shoes the bag. It's an ongoing mission, and haven't we got enough to do, what with Christmas shopping and all? Fortunately there is an easier way to make a style statement, and it doesn't have to be made with an expensive dress. Ditch the outfit mission and pick up this brilliantly-hip clutch bag from the (also brilliantly-hip) V&A Museum shop. It's £45 and it's made from the actual fashion pages of New York and Los Angeles newspapers, then laminated - really, how cool is that? You will literally be wearing the fashion pages!

The newsprint patterns and colours of the pages make this the kind of bag which will both simultaneously clash and match beautifully with so many different outfits. You could wear last year's dress and it won't matter - all eyes will be on what you're carrying. That's what a statement piece is all about.

Guest post by Claire Nelson.


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