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Friday 28 May 2010

Bag Lust: Knomo Laptop Bag

I LOVE Knomo bags. In my hunt for the perfect laptop bag, I've been staring at these babies wide-eyed ever since. This bag is actually my perfect laptop bag. I know that. I'm pretty sure I'd go into meetings with this and kick some serious business ass. Or at least look very swish when I'm working from cafes.

But, this Knomo bag is very pretty leather which means it's £245. It's an investment, right? A very pretty, shiny investment.


  1. Mmm, I love it! Gorgeous colour, but a shame about the price.

  2. That one is for a 15" laptop, so it's pretty sizeable. I think the quality of the leather comes into play here and it's something that'll last forever. Suddenly £245 for something you use three times a week for 15 years doesn't seem so expensive.

    Shame I've only got a fiver in my purse though ;-)

  3. Knomo's are gorgeous I was lucky enough to be given a Berkeley Rosa last year as I did the make up for their last campaign, I have to say its fantastic, practical and stylish!

  4. I have a knomo! It's the best bag ever. It's 3 years old now but still looks amazing. Every time I use it I get nice comments off people, it was a great investment purchase (or so I tell my bank account).


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