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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Etsy Pick: Harry Potter Wine Stopper

I know, I know. I understand I should be embarrassed about being an adult woman and geeking out over Harry Potter. But the worst part is, I'm not ashamed at all. And so I won't feel even slightly sheepish stoppering my half-swigged bottles of wine with this rather handsome Harry Potter stopper, by CoolStoppers on Etsy.

A recent addition from the same genius behind the Darth Vader wine stopper we showed you earlier this year, Harry comes armed with his magic wand and attached to a standard-sized cork, ready to protect your precious booze from not only the air but also any wine-thieving housemates. As long as he doesn't run into Voldermort and need his usual little lie-down, of course.

An ideal present for any Hogwarts enthusiast, he costs 12USD, with shipping to the UK coming in at 9USD.


  1. Half swigged bottles of wine?

    I'm sorry, I don't quite understand this concept...!

  2. This is truly awesome. Jane, you pick the coolest stuff.


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