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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Shop in the Spotlight: Kuati

Kuati has taken me by surprise. I love finding new shops in London and frankly I'm a bit shocked I'm never heard about Kuati before. Especially when you look at these lovely things:

I know this teacup candle is £45. I don't care! It's sleek, it's sophisticated and the Bulgarian rose and blueberry tea scent sounds divine.

Not only are these over the knee socks pretty sexy in a school girl kinda way, they're cashmere. And they're in the sale and now £29. They might be comfiest things you ever buy in your life. I'd quite like those shoes too, but they're not on the website. Dammit.

Apparently this bubble bath smells of willow and jasmine petals. I have no idea. I just firmly believe that anything in a bottle that pretty will smell fabulous. It's £45, so something I can only dream of, but it's so very very pretty.

I think Kuati is going to the top of my 'buy me presents from here' list.

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