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Thursday 6 May 2010

Carry me out to the sea: seaside inspired bags

Admittedly it was a very rubbish bank holiday weekend weather wise but even the slightest thought of not being at work on a Monday had me grabbing my bucket and spade and running towards the coast. In my enthusiasm I ended up shoving most of my beach apparel into a plastic bag. Not the most stylish or eco friendly way to go about it. On my return to landlocked London I decided to stock up on lovely seaside inspired cotton bags so I'll always be ready - and not just willing - for such coastal escapades. For example, this bag from Alphabet bags sums up my sentiments perfectly and is just £10.

The fresh sea air, the bliss! Just don't get me started on the fish and chips we ate. Being a proud Grimsby girl has made me a horrible chippie snob. However, I do heartily approve of this new design from Mr PS latest design featuring everything you'd need for a tasty Fish Supper. I love that old style typography, with the retro image of the fish on the back. I'd definitely take-away this one for £12.

I'm sure I don't have to warn you of the perils of al fresco eating at the seaside. Yes, it's likely that one of those pesky Sammy Seagulls will try his darnedest to have your dinner out of your hand. This bag by Wayne Pate, featuring an illustration of a suitably nautical gull is pretty cute though. At $20 it's probably roughly equivalent to your day return to Brighton and hopefully leaves you a bit of change for ice creams.


  1. They are brillo!!! I would like them all and shall make sure a couple live at my beach hut. If only to carry the fish and chips back from The Magpie

  2. I grew up in a seaside fishing town, these remind me of home :)

  3. there's another great company called bag it dont bin it based in Sheffield who do another similar thing - they did all of the "fashion is posh" bags etc for asos and made some great ones for Nick Clegg's support team!


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