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Thursday 13 May 2010

Sluttery Faves: Moth by Donna Wilson

Moths seem to be as almost as fond of the clothes in my wardrobe as I am. I won't fill you in on my battles or exactly what beloved items I've lost to these winged beasts, suffice to say I've tried many solutions and the conclusion that a spot of lavender seems to work the best for me. However, although the stuff does all kinds of wonderful things, I keep getting flashbacks to my Nan's chest of drawers which were filled with horrible, overly fussy lavender sachets. That's not really how I want to accessorise my clothes.

How then I clapped my hands with glee when I saw the Moth design from textile whiz Donna Wilson. It brings the world of the lavender sachet firmly into the twenty-first century. This one comes in the shape of a moth, printed with a funkily patterned orange or yellow design. It also somehow manages to make the creature appear quite cute, that is if you don't look at its spiky, clothes-chowing teeth for too long. Hang it amidst your clothes to banish the moths back to wherever they came from.

The website also suggests that you can pop it under your pillow to aid a good night's sleep. Frankly I'll sleep a little better just knowing that moths aren't having their evening meal in my wardrobe. I'm off-setting its £10 cost against all that knitwear I'll save from becoming a holey mess.

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