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Thursday 13 May 2010

Bag Lust: Lin & Leo Laptop Bag

I've been looking for a pretty laptop bag for aaaaaaages. And well, frankly they don't exist. It's so frustrating. Ideally, something sleek, pretty, and not at all like a boy bag. But nothing too overly girly either. Meetings are not the place for Hello Kitty motifs.

Domestic Slut Gemma directed me to Lin & Leo over on Laptop Stuff and this lovely leather laptop bag jumped out at me. It's feminine, but not cutesy and it's just big enough for everything I want to carry. At £141.99, it's a pricey option, but if you're out and about as much as the Domestic Sluts are, it's an investment worth making. Besides, it's really really pretty.


  1. Mmm that's nice. Knomo also do REALLY beautiful (but similarly pricey) laptop bags. They could double up as handbags as well, they're so gorgeous.

  2. I own this bag (I think it's the same one) and whilst it is lovely it is more holdall than laptop bag, the leather is okay but a bit plastic to be honest. The pink is lovely and bright though just a lot larger than I expected.

    Also if you are going to spend that sort of money you shoudl consider Knomo ( and they have some on sale at the moment.

  3. I gave up in my search for a laptop bag that would protect my precious cargo (my life is on this thing!) and settled for an ordinary sizeable bag and a bright neoprene sleeve to protect it. Though I rather wish I had a netbook so I could have this gorgeous leathery envelopey one - netbooks have all the fun!

  4. I have had such issues finding a laptop bag to take to work with me that was pretty and was padded enough. Either they were padded and just downright ugly or they were pretty but had no protection in them whatsoever. After weeks of trawling through the internet though, I finally found one from that was just £24.99 and covered in polka dots, it's gorgeous! The only snag though was that I found out after that they are offering a 15% discount with the promotional code Issy.


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