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Friday 14 May 2010

Cocktail Hour: Death in the afternoon

Wow, that's a very glamourous name, isn't it? There's something pretty decadent about drinking cocktails in the middle of the day (we thoroughly approve) and this one is just perfect. Of course, it's probably best to make sure you haven't got any work on after you try this. I can't imagine you having much luck with an Excel spreadsheet after you've knocked up one of these.

Ernest Hemingway was a big fan, and it's thought that he created this particular recipe. If it's good enough for Hemingway, it's good enough for me.

You'll need:
  • 25ml Absinthe
  • Champagne
Shake it!

Pour the absinthe into a champagne glass, top up with bubbly and get very very drunk indeed. Don't drink more than three, unless you really do want to be passed out for the whole afternoon. That said, it is Friday...

Flickr image from Ingrid Taylar's photostream.


  1. To be drunk with caution.
    I lost a very dear friend to this concoction.
    She sat next to me at the bar, the next I knew she had passed out.Slipping off her stool and onto the floor.
    I saw her no more.

  2. That's fantastic. Love it.

  3. Absinthe was thought to be poisonous in the olden days so "death in the afternoon" may well have a particular significance !

    We'd try swapping green Chartreuse for the absinthe. It will also turn out a bit green and at 55% alcohol (c 100 proof), you will certainly lose interest in any Excel spreadsheets! Drink and be happy!

  4. these are nice, and pretty dangerous - I've always thought the name is an apt reference to the fact that these cocktails make you feel like death the next afternoon!!


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