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Thursday 6 May 2010

Do you Know Your Onions?

Who's getting your vote today? This Rosette brooch is £15 from Know Your Onions. They're a small Staffordshire based jewellery designer company who create big pieces that aim to make a statement. Everything is designed and made in the UK. How very patriotic! (And if you get our your Crayolas, you could colour it in in to show your allegiance).

This Cameo Pendant, £20, is a little bit steampunk and suitably antique looking - great for accessorising summer frocks for the wedding season.

Stack a selection of their bangles up your wrist - this chunky peacock tail one is £38 or the slim linear bracelet is £20. Everything is available in either slate or ivory finish.

Mail order is available, by sending in a cheque. How very quaint...

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