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Friday 21 May 2010

Wall Candy: Friends Don't Let Friends Drink White Zinfadel

Now me, I'm not the fussy type when it comes to booze. Give me a sugary, syrupy liqueur of almost any kind, or a bottle of house red, and I'll be happy. And drunk.

But those of you with more discriminating palates might like this wine-themed wall art, by MarleneDesigner on Etsy. It'd make a great tongue-in-cheek present for that friend who you somehow always seem to end up a tad too inebriated with every time you meet up. Or framed in a kitchen or dining room to remind guests what kinds of wine you do and don't like next time they need to bring a bottle.

It's 24.99USD, and there's several different similar designs, so whatever your taste in wine, there's sure to be one to suit you. Unless you're a Lambrini girl. In which case, well, there's not much we can recommend. Except maybe branching out from the bottom shelf at the supermarket.

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