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Friday, 28 May 2010

Picnic Time: Moomin Flask

Ah, the Moomins. Strangely melancholic, eccentric yet gentle, large-snouted surreal creatures from Finland. As a child, I was a bit bewildered by them, but now I'm hopelessly infatuated, and pester my beloved to take me to Moomin World every time the topic of holidays comes up (heaven help him when the Harry Potter theme park opens).

So predictably, I love this retro Moomin flask from Cloth Ears, which comes in its own presentation gift box. Decant a tropical cocktail into it, find a shady spot in your local park, and picnic away to your heart's content whilst reminiscing about the Moomins. And all for only £12.99 (booze not included).


  1. ahhh! My 9 year old is known as 'Moomin' about the house :-) We think they are lovely...

  2. I love this, so cute - and am also always pestering for a trip to Moomin World!

  3. Erm, I'm sorry... MOOMIN WORLD?

  4. Domestic Sluttery and friends group trip to Moomin World!

  5. I fell in love with moomins again when i was living in Finland, they're just the right combination of odd and cute
    Moomin world-Yes go, it's lovely!!
    Beautiful setting in Naatali, just outside the city of Turku but go in the summer unless you really like snow and ice!

  6. Thanks vt59, I hate the cold so it's definitely one to save for a warm weather adventure!


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