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Thursday 20 May 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday (ahem): Meg Mathews at Liberty

OK, it's not Wednesday. But we decided to nap through lunch yesterday and forgot to tell you about pretty wallpaper. Our nap was rather fun, so you'll have to forgive us. And instead tell us what you think of this Meg Mathews skull wallpaper over at Liberty.

I like it. Usually, black and skulls aren't features that I look for in my interiors. Certainly not on my wallpaper. But it works. They're not obviously skulls, so instead you get quite a quirky pattern. And y'know what? I'm really pleased that the wallpaper in Liberty isn't just an extension of their floral fabric range. That's pretty, but I'm not really a floral wall kinda girl.

So this black skull wallpaper gets a surprising thumbs up from me. Even if it is £87 a metre.

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