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Tuesday 11 May 2010

British Sandwich Week: Lovely Lunchboxes

It's British Sandwich Week, and that can mean only one thing: making a packed lunch for work. However, starting to bring in your own lunch is a bit like starting at the gym - before you can start, you really need to go shopping and make sure you're thoroughly kitted out. How can a girl even think about making a sandwich if she doesn't have a beautiful receptacle in which to carry it? Here's our roundup of the sluttiest lunchboxes around.

Don't you just love this kitsch red apple lunch box from Strawberry Fool? It's the perfect size for a sandwich, and its voluminous half-spherical shape means you can pile the fillings high without fear of squashing your goodies. It costs £9.99 and also comes in green.

This cute Gruffalo lunchbox is slightly more pricey at £11.75 from Graham & Green. It's in a retro, suitcase style and has room inside for a hearty feast.
If you're of a more pirate-y persuasion, this neat stacking box from Pink Milk could be for you. With three separate sections, you'll be able to pack in a sandwich and then some. It also includes a fork and spoon for the more sophisticated lunchtime eater. Hopefully the skulls and crossbones will help keep your colleagues' mitts off your lunch too...

If you prefer to keep things simple and cutlery-free, try this cutesy Japanese San-X Rilakkuma design, £7 from ArtBox.

And finally, to keep your post-sandwich piece of fruit safe, why not invest in one of these fruit protectors, £7 from Heal's. I'm not quite sure if these are creepy are cute (to be honest, my money's on creepy), but I'd take a creepy container over a squished up banana in my handbag any day of the week.


  1. Pink Milk stacking box- ordered! I'm a sucker for things that organise my beast of a handbag, and this will be ideal! Yay!

  2. The pirate one is just a bento box.

  3. With skull and crossbones! That makes it awesome.

  4. i love the apple sandwich case! the fruit holders are too funny, although definitely creepy over cute.. and they also look like they'd take up a lot of room in my bag. i've found keep a stash of fruit at work is the best thing to do.

  5. I am known as the lunch box queen in my office, so the skull and crossbones just have to be bought. Tried the link for the fruit protectors but get 'page not found'.


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