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Thursday 13 May 2010

Say it with flowers

I wouldn't usually suggest buying a white skirt, maybe because I'm clumsy and a little bit messy. But this floral skirt from Rare Fashion is so super super pretty that I immediately want to reach out and touch it (although that would be a hazard if you were actually wearing it). I adore the chiffon roses and it's utterly luxurious.

I wouldn't want to wear it anywhere near grubby public transport (or grubby children, or grubby puppies), but I do need it in my life. Even though it's £135, it's far to beautiful for me not to buy. I can Scotch-guard it, right?


  1. There is a simlar one at ASOS for £50, in case you want a budget option! I have do admit I don't like it quite as much though...


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