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Wednesday 3 November 2010

Breakfast in Bed: Soldier Egg Cup

This weekend I had a lovely break in Camber Sands in Sussex, the highlight of which was an amazing breakfast of perfectly soft-boiled eggs with marmite soldiers. Marmite soldiers! I haven't had toasty soldiers for years.

And so when I saw this little egg-cup set at Heal's, I decided I just had to have one. Not only is it cute-as-can-be, with said perfectly soft-boiled egg hiding under the soldier's hat and a little red spoon clutched in his hand, but it comes with a stencil for cutting out ACTUAL TOAST SOLDIERS.

Yes, I know, it's for kids. But I'm only 30.

Soldier Egg Cup, £8 from Heals.


  1. They also have this at for a little bit less!

    I LOVE it!!!

  2. Charente Vintage3 November 2010 at 12:39

    Been desperately trying to get my boys to like eggy dip (that's what we used to call it...) maybe, just maybe these soldiers will be the winning ingredient!

  3. even cheaper on play :) bought this a few weeks ago for my boyfriend. such a big kid!

  4. You ladies are fab little bargain hunters.


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