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Thursday 4 November 2010

Go away, I'm reading

There’s nothing I like more than getting stuck into a good book. One which I can’t put down, and will spend all day looking forward to picking up again. Settling down with a cup of tea and my book is my favourite way to chill out.

So what I don’t want, then, is to be interrupted. (Word to the wise, if someone looks engrossed in a book, this is not the best time to ask them what the book is about, who the author is, or whether they’ve read their earlier stuff.)

It doesn’t matter how important that thing is that you have to tell me, if you interrupt me when I’m reading, you will get a stern look, and a “Mmm hmmm”.

That’s not always enough though, is it? People can’t always take the hint. Which is why this reading mug, from The Literary Gift Company is absolutely brilliant. It says all that needs to be said, without you having to actually say it.

What about you writers out there? All you people tackling NaNoWriMo? You sure as hell won’t want interruptions either. Time is of the essence! The pressure is on! So why won’t people leave you alone? Well, you never need be bothered by people when you’re on a creative roll ever again. There’s a mug for you too.

Obviously I am going to have to get both. Sigh. But they're only £9.95.

Guest post by Claire Nelson.


  1. There is nothing like escaping into a book!! LOVE the mug! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. OMG somewhere new for me to shop. Love the mugs. Brilliant.


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