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Thursday 21 April 2011

Bag Lust: Miss Selfridge Bow Satchel

Today has been a day of treats. Treats for me involve not getting dressed until far too late in the day, eating a shocking amount of crisps (and not sharing) and hiding my Giant Chocolate Buttons from everyone. As we finished our book yesterday (coming to a bookshop near you in November), I decided today was a treat day. My best treat for myself today was this bow satchel from Miss Selfridge.

I spend way too much money in Miss Selfridge, but Sluttery HQ only has a few shops nearby, and it's by far the best of the bunch. This satchel is the perfect size for me. It's the same size as my favourite bag in the world. But as my favourite bag is a couple of years old, it's getting a little bit worn. An upgrade was needed, and this is a very pretty upgrade indeed. There's a cross body strap, as well as the cute handle. As it's not leather, it was only £28 too. Bargain treats are the best kind of treats.

What are your favourite treats?

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