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Wednesday 20 April 2011

Dream Dress: Miss Selfridge Striped Dress

With spring comes florals. That's a given. But really, it's a bit boring isn't it? Same goes for polka dots (although that might be a habit harder habit for me to kick). So instead of same old floral prints, I've become smitten with candy stripes instead.

This is such a beautiful striped dress, and bloomin' perfect for spring. The weather is still unpredictable, and I haven't really decided if we're in tights or no tights weather (it's always the opposite of whatever I choose). This dress is a little longer than my usual style, so it'll keep me covered if the sun goes in. And while I've always felt that midi dresses have magic leg-shortening powers, the stripes on this number will make you look very tall. I'm really liking the plaited belt too. The model looks effortlessly cool.

This is the prettiest dress I've seen this spring, and rather unsurprisingly it's from Miss Selfridge. The most surprising thing is the price - it's just £40.

Seen any pretty dresses for spring? Tell us in the comments so we can all have a nose.


  1. I like this because I could get away with wearing it to work - that's my main mission for this summer. Find pretty dresses that work in the office (I tend to go for smart-ish).

  2. I am really loving Apricot at the moment - I spend farr too much there.

  3. ooops! look at that, it just slid into my basket and through the checkout! cha-ching!


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