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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Here comes the sun

For the first time last week, I squinted my eyes whilst walking to work and realised it was the season for sunglasses again, hurrah! To me, sunglasses are essential. They cover up all manner of sins; a late night, an early morning, hay fever, or you could go crazy and use them to protect your eyes from Mr. Sunshine.

I always stick to the same style (bigger the better) but often like the look of other shapes and colours. So, whats out there that I can get for under £20 (I'm partial to losing them) that's a little bit different?

For the nerd in you, I really love these Ciara Catseye sunglasses from Oasis. I love the shape, and the soft pink colours contrasting with the multi brown on the top of the frame. They remind me of my first ever glasses I got as a kid - a tad nerdy. Did I say I love them? At £16, they're worth every penny.

Thelma and Louise anyone? Somebody please buy these so I don't have to. I'd wear these whilst driving in an open-top car listening to Young Hearts Run Free...oh well, I can dream. These Cherry Flat Top sunglasses are also £16, from Topshop, and crying out to be bought. Fun huh?

Sun, sea and sand. What's missing? These glasses I say. They are super sweet and only £8 from Dorothy Perkins. I'd be able to afford a 99 ice cream too and still have some change left from a tenner. To the beach!

I think these are my favourite although they do fall into the 'bigger is better' category. I love the colour, it's much softer than the usual dark brown or black I go for. I'd wear these happily ambling through the fields at Glastonbury, dreaming of the old days...ah! From H&M, at only £4.99, I might buy two.

This guest post was written by the always wonderful Lisa from Matilde Heart Manech. She has excellent sunglasses. We always break ours.

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