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Monday 11 April 2011

Dream Dress: Red Crochet Dress

The sun comes out and all of a sudden I want cute little dresses and ridiculous sunglasses. But I don't often find myself leaning towards red. It's not an easy colour for blondes to wear (I'm still looking for that dream red lipstick that everyone tells me is out there).

I'm surprised that I'm drawn to this red crochet dress. Granted, because of the cute flowery crochet waistband I'll probably need a flatter tummy before I can actually wear it (running with the Domestic Sluts in the Race for Life will help that, you should sponsor us). But it's not too much. It's a cute, sexy touch without looking tacky. And I'd love to see more pockets on dresses. They're useful things.

It's not my usual style, but at £34 from Topshop I don't care. Might treat myself to a little present after we've finished the race.


  1. I want more pockets on dresses too. All day dresses should have pockets. There, now I've said it.

  2. I saw this dress on someone at the park the other day. I too had eyed this up at Topshop but actually in the cold, harsh, realities of daylight I didn't think it looked that nice.

  3. Oh that's a shame. What wasn't nice about it, Mrs M?

  4. I'm not sure really, it just didn't look right. Or maybe it was just on the wrong person?


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