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Friday 1 April 2011

Frillies Friday: Marks and Spencer

Recently, I bit the bullet and went off to Rigby and Peller to be fitted properly. The difference between the size I was wearing and the size I should be wearing made me do a comedy jaw-clang; but as Sian points out, it's really important we hoist our chests with the proper support. Nearly 80% of British women are likely wearing the wrong size.

I treated myself to a bit of underwear there, but if I'd bought anymore I would have bankrupted myself. Off to M&S, my cast-iron place for stylish, comfortable and affordable underwear.

Limited Edition Check Gingham Bra £16 - DD+, A-DD, matching shorts £8

I love this set. It's like Dolly Parton and a picnic table were mixed in the same barrel. Cute frills, not too girly, win.

Limited Collection Floral Lace Push-Up Plunge Bra £14 A-GG

My one problem with the M&S site at the moment is its photography - seriously, the DD-GG photo for this floral bra is so poorly photoshopped that someone might as well have just drawn black circles on the poor girl's chest.

You can't argue with this bra set though. It's ridiculously comfy for a plunge bra (remember how bad Wonderbras were in the 90s? Not like that.) and it gives a killer cleavage; plus I love the shorts. M&S is very fond of translucent backs on their shorts, and these ones have a cute little bow too.

I'll confess, I'm getting a bit tired of vintage this and vintage that - either do it properly, or shut up. But I'm a contrary girl and I love this bra. And the shorts. Can you tell I really like shorts? It's not available in anything larger than a DD sadly, but if you're blessed with a bountiful chest and have fallen in love with the pattern, the regular style bra is available in A-D and E-GG.


  1. Ooh these are pretty. Unfortunately, Marks' bras are a really really bad fit on me. I've tried every size and shape, but they all make me look like a 4 boobed whale. Not good! It's a shame because only being able to shop in Bravissimo is bankrupting me *sad sulky face*

  2. Same! They are one of the few places that sells my tiny size but they are unbelievably uncomfortable! Sad times.

  3. Yep, agreed: Marks can be a bit hit and miss with their sizing. The ones I've picked have been tried and tested by yours truly for comfort; some of the other models, pretty as they were, made me feel my back was being squeezed in a vice. See what you think and let me know!

  4. I'm with SarahC 100%. I LOVE Marks, but I really don't understand their bras. Every one I try in there is completely different to any other brand size wise, which probably explains why their fitters tell people they're a 38B when they're actually a 34DD. And by 'people' I obviously mean 'me'.

    I do buy loads of knickers there but I really wish I could get matching sets because they are pretty.

  5. I echo all of the above comments. They have a seriously limited range for small backs, big boobs and those they do have are a very hit and miss fit. A shame because some of their designs are lovely. I adore the vintage looking one. Sadly at 30FF it's never going to happen.


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