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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Event Preview: Tewkesbury & Wensleydale Food Festival Fun

Just like buses: you wait for ages for an excuse to stuff your face while ogling at chefs doing their thing, and then two come along at once.

Oh yes – much as I don’t like to wish a whole month away – the weekend of the 30th April to 2nd May cannot come soon enough as both the Tewkesbury Food and Drink Festival and the Dales Festival of Food and Drink do their thing.

As well as around 80 stalls exhibiting at each venue (my inkling that there’ll be a few free samples means I may have to go around at least eleventy times), there are also live cookery demos at both festivals too. Tewkesbury have gone all-out with the likes of Brian Turner and Masterchef’s John Torode, while The Dales have displays from exciting local chefs – personally, my eye is firmly on the demo by patisserie and confectionary guru Donna Joyce (Cake = WIN.)

To top it all, there’s the added extra of the Real Ale Festival at The Dales and Tewkesbury has a Chocolate Festival on Monday 2nd. Plenty of excuses to consume your bodyweight in something delicious.

If you’re having trouble choosing between them, then don’t panic – they’re less than an hour’s drive apart. I smell a foodie weekend getaway on the cards.

*EDIT* Despite what pesky Googlemaps told us, they're kinda on opposite ends of country. Still, that means you just have to pick whichever is nearest to you. Ahem. Sorry for any confusion.

You can visit the Dales Festival for £8 for one day or £12 for all three, whereas Tewkesbury is currently at the Early Bird price of £7 per day (with an 83p booking fee) or £13 for any two days (plus a 98p booking fee). Family passes, concessions etc. can be viewed on their websites.

This was a post by our trainee Domestic Slut Laura Vickers. You'll probably find her eating samples on sticks.

Flickr image from stevendepolo's photostream.


  1. Bit concerned about your grasp of geography....they are surely more than an hour apart?????

  2. Not according to Googlemaps, Anon...

  3. Aaaah look. A little village up the road from Tewkesbury that's called Wensleydale That's helpful. We've amended the post now, sorry!

  4. Ah, I knew there was a reason I failed Geography at school. Sorry about that! I was just distracted by thoughts of all the free samples...


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