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Monday 18 April 2011

Hannah Turner Owl Egg Cups

I can't deny it, I'm getting a little sick of BIRDS ON EVERYTHING. This video sums up how I feel right now about BIRDS ON EVERYTHING:

But sometimes, little bird motifs fly into my internet browser, and I really really like them. Despite being annoyed with BIRDS ON EVERYTHING. Like these owl egg cups that I spotted over on About Your Dress.

Look at the sleepy thing! Now I can't be mad at owls and birds on everything, because these are just too cute.

These little guys are by Hannah Turner, and they're perfect for Easter.

Want one? They're not cheap (cheap) they're £29.99 each and you can buy them at From the Wilde. Sometimes, putting birds on everything isn't a bad thing.


  1. Dear Domestic Sluts,

    Your blog is described as 'The home and lifestyle blog for people who have better things to do'.... Better things to do apparently doesn't involve coming up with original ideas or researching your own articles.

    I normally have a great deal of time and respect for Domestic Sluttery, and read it with great interest. However, as a reader of both this blog and About Your Dress, I was disappointed to see the same post recycled. Although you have linked to the original article, it does smack of laziness and disrespect to rehash something someone else has taken the time to discover.

    Reblogging someone elses blog is not something I would expect from the Domestic Sluts. I'm sure it was done with the best intentions, ie to raise awareness for an awesome product. But maybe next time tweet a recommendation, or link to AYD as recommended reading...don't disparage the time and effort put into it by passing it off as your own.


    A Disgruntled Reader

  2. Hi Etty,

    As you've said, I've linked to About Your Dress, a blog that I'm a fan of. Nowhere in this post have I implied that I saw these items first.

    Most of the posts that you see on Domestic Sluttery we haven't reposted from elsewhere. But we do it occasionally from blogs that we like and want to support and vice versa. We aren't passing this off as our own - why would we link if that was the case?

    Bloggers do this a lot, not as a way of ripping on another off when they can't think of anything better to write (although I'm sure some do do that), but as a way of saying 'look, someone else found this awesome thing and we wanted to draw your attention to it'. The post itself has a very different angle, it's not a copy.

    As Ria from About Your Dress has guest blogged for us, the last thing we want to do is disrespect her blog and her work, I honestly don't think that's what I've done here.

    Thanks very much for commenting,


  3. Having read both articles I can't see any similarities in them other than the owl cups.

    Anyway... Just wanted to say that I love a bird motif. Seriously, stick a bird on it or make it into a bird shape and I'm there. Not 100% sure about these however, they're giving me an 80's flashback. Can see why many would find them cute though.

  4. I have to say, I'm with Etty on this one. It's not really a different angle, as both posts essentially say 'look, owls! this one looks sleepy! Perfect for Easter!' Not saying it's wrong, but does seem a little lazy.

    I love Domestics Sluts because they show me things I've never ever seen anywhere else - more of this please! Other than this, love this blog x

  5. It's Easter... egg stuff is going to appear on design blogs.

    Like I say, bloggers link back to stuff on other blogs that they like. People do it with stuff we find, About Your Dress does it as well.

    I never said I was first to find this, and I acknowledge Ria's post. And the owls *do* look sleepy.

  6. I can only find one example on AYD where they link to a post by you guys, and they feature completely different items. Given the plethora of Easter related items featured on From the Wilde, I would think you could be a bit more original.

  7. Thanks for your comments, Anon.

  8. Love that video. If they could just make one that says something along the lines of 'stick an eames chair in it', or 'stick a Keep Calm and Carry On poster on it', they'd have the design blog world sewn up nicely!

    As a blogger myself I don't see anything wrong with the ABY linking. It is very common. Look at how many bloggers have posted nearly identical posts about (for eg) these prints or this poster or Jim Dtaz prints. It's in the nature of blogging to borrow and refer, as long as you're linking back, there's no problem.

  9. Yeah, we've featured that map. Not in red though - for some reason I really don't like it in red!

  10. I have to say I'm disappointed... as a fan of DS - and FruGal, as a blogger, too, both personally and professionally at work - there is a common view that there *is* an issue with linking back when making what is still basically the same post, especially when that linkback could be described as pretty hidden or underacknowledged).

  11. Again, it's never been my intention to underacknowledge Ria's work. I've always been supportive of it.

    There are clearly two sides to this debate, but Ria hasn't discussed this with me. My support and respect of another blogger, who I like both personally and professionally, really shouldn't be brought into question. Some of you think the reposting of something from another blog post is lazy, some of you disagree. Some of you think it's a totally different post, others disagree. But let me make clear, this post wasn't written with anything other than good intentions. If it's caused offense, or upset, I'm sorry about that. That wasn't my intention at all.

  12. Sian, well done for sticking up for yourself here - obviously we're all writing and reading about similar stuff and you're not passing it off as your own! Take no notice of the moaning brigade. Nobody complained to the Guardian that they had the same angle on the Japan earthquake as the Times.

    Right, NOW, back to the point. The video is effing amazing. That's all I really wanted to say xxxxx

  13. Just to throw my two cents in, I quite like it when Other Blogs are referred to - sometimes it introduces me to a new blog I haven't read before and I can tell it will be something I'll like as they have blogged about something that has grabbed the Domestic Sluts attention, and sometimes, like here, it reminds me to check a blog I already know about but haven't visited for awhile.

    Not all blogs are updated as regularly as DS - something I'm not going to complain about as I have no idea how much work must be involved - but if there isn't new content after a week or so they kind of slip off my radar and these "cross posts" are like a little prod reminding me to have another look and see what else they've done recently.

    If the Other Blogger doesn't mind and it helps more people to discover more interesting blogs, really what's the harm?


  14. Sidestepping the debate on reposting etiquette, I am just wanting to say that I did like the video!

    (Although I have loved and collected bird motifs for years, so I am currently in heaven - and I'll have all the lovely things to enjoy when they're not in fashion any more).


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