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Friday 1 April 2011

Beautiful Brows: Shavata Brow Studio

Having eyebrows you can barely see is dead handy for cultivating total facial laziness. If you can't see them and plucking them into shape is almost impossible, why bother?

Well, I recently caught sight of my face in a bright light and was instantly cowed by how widely my albino brows had spread out of their appropriate zone. Nobody wants blonde caterpillars trailing above their eyes, so I followed a tip from Liberty London Girl and booked an appointment with Shavata Brow Studio to get them threaded into shape.

Wow. I mean, wow. I ended up with a perfect brow in next to no time, and as I forked out to get them tinted, the general public could actually SEE the glamorous, perfectly arched things perched on my head.

The only problem is that it's bloody expensive. Tinting and threading set me back a whopping £40, but I'm hooked now and I need to do it again.

Happily, to celebrate Shavata merging its Lash Lounge with the Brow Studio into one all-conquering Brow Studio, you can get eyebrow shaping for just £10 instead of the usual £17) in House of Fraser Victoria, Oxford Street, Richmond and Edinburgh until June 27.

I might save the cash on the tinting though, there's only so much laziness you can take out of the girl at one time...


  1. I'm not very good at getting my brows done. I'm lucky that they're not going mono or anything, but still, good brows make for a pretty face.

  2. The glamourous Dalston Kingsland shopping centre - Ria Beauty - £3.50 - perfect!

  3. I actually went back on Saturday to one in the Oxford Street House of Fraser - threading and tinting for £23. LOVE my eyebrows now!


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