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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Eggscellent Easter Eggs

It's Easter next week and I have no eggs! Oh no! If you like your chocolate egg-shaped, here are some of the prettiest you can buy at the moment.

Hotel Chocolat makes excellent eggs, but they have a habit of doing half eggs, which I find very weird. No one wants half an egg. One of the best parts of Easter eggs is cracking it open to see what goodies are inside. This one has both shells, and a whole lot of little eggs in the middle. It's £24.

These real hens eggs are such a cute idea from Rococo Chocolates. They're real eggs, but instead of eggs, they've been filled with hazelnut praline. They're £22.50, and they'll be a really cute surprise present.

Chococo eggs are handmade (from ethically sourced chocolate) and this Union Jack egg looks yummy. Inside it's studded with dried strawberries and raspberries. Only £12.95 from Harrods too. I also really like their chocolate cocoa pods too.

I'm never going to spend £85 on a chocolate egg (seriously, Fortnums?) but if you've got more than one mouth to feed, this set of three handpainted eggs is a pretty option. They're made from antique molds and they've got choccies inside them. It's £42.50 for the set of three.


  1. Chococo chocolate is yummy, and the chocolatiers/sellers are all lovely. I recommend the dinosaur egg can little choccie dinos not make an Easter egg better? :) x

  2. So true about the strange half eggs at Hotel Chocolat. They have a delightful Twinkle Toes egg, which would have been great for a young lady I know, but a half egg just wouldn't be right.

  3. I can't wait til the week after Easter, when I will be buying all these half-price.

  4. YES. Aaaah, raiding Hotel Chocolate like a girl with the munchies is the best.

  5. How about a little bit of Fairtrade chocolate?


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