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Monday 11 April 2011

Jordans Cereals Breakfast Club

While some of the other Domestic Sluts have been to Fernandez & Leluu's infamous London supperclub before (like when they entertained 'supperclub king' Jim Haynes), I've never been that lucky.

So when I was invited by Leluu to a brunch by Jordans Cereals to launch their new Creations Oat Granola range, I was hardly going to turn it down - even if it did mean dragging myself out of bed and across London early on a sunny Saturday morning!

To start with, the folks from Jordans introduced the range while we sipped prosecco, telling the assembled bloggers about how the strict ethical stance at Jordans means no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Then I tried the two new flavours - cranberry with honey, and baked apple with cinnamon. Both had the magical breakfast combo of being both delicious and wholesome, but the apple and cinnamon was my favourite - it tasted like biscuits! Now that's a breakfast concept I can get on board with.
But it wasn't all brunch and banter - there was a challenge in the works too. After sampling all sorts of potential ingredients, including fresh coconut, chocolate, pumpkin seeds and papaya, we had to come up with a favourite flavour combination for consideration as the third addition to the Creations range.

While my personal kitchen prowess was undoubtedly far outstripped by some of the other fabulous foodie bloggers in attendance, I experimented with a few options, coming to the conclusion that the creamy sweetness of bananas works well with coconut - a tropical taste that made me feel like I was sunning myself somewhere exotic - maybe what's needed on grim rainy mornings!
Afterwards, we pigged out on a seemingly never-ending assortment of cracking culinary creations, including an amazing lobster, shrimp and pomegranate salad with lime and passion-fruit dressing, and melt-in-the-mouth cheese and bacon whirls. If only every Saturday could start like that...

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