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Friday 15 April 2011

Cocktail Hour: Bucks Fizz

My family adores - and I mean, adores - fizzy wine. But being good hardworking souls, we only ever see Champagne in my parents' house at Christmas, or for particularly special birthdays, so the rest of the time it's cava.

For wind-down drinks on a Friday (or Thursday, Saturday or Sunday - my GCSE photography project was genuinely about my parents' cocktail hour), nothing beats the mimosa's even simpler cousin, Bucks Fizz, if only because it keeps you vaguely sober for longer so you can at least cook supper without falling into the stove.

Our tried and tested favourite cava used to be Somerfield, until Somerfield went AWOL off the high street, now it's Tesco's Brut Cava. Do not be fooled by Waitrose, Sainbury's or Asda, Tesco's cava is the nuts. My wine guru boyfriend, never knowingly under-Champagned, has gone on record several times to say it's easily as good as some Champagnes. It's also a complete bargain at £4.49 and is frequently on offer too.

Bucks Fizz - makes enough for a family of thirsty Browns
  • Orange juice
  • Bottle of Tesco's Cava
If you're blessed with crystal flutes carved with lovely patterns, now is the time to use them. You want a good third of the glass to be OJ, and then fill with cava "to the top of the pretty" as my mother puts it.

Serve in the garden (window ledge, in my flat's case) with sunshine, bowls of pretzels, nuts and a sneaky fag.

Bucks Fizz picture taken from sparkovonovinski's Flickr stream and used under Creative Commons license


  1. Buck's Fizz is one of my most favourite drinks. It's ace on a picnic, plus it's not so disgracefully alcoholic that you feel bad drinking it in the afternoon. Lovely.

  2. I had a rather lovely time with Bucks Fizz in Hyde Park on Saturday. I can vouch for all of the above suggested accompaniments, too. Super idea!

  3. I love Fizz of all kinds....
    Was meant to have Buck's Fizz on my wedding morning while getting dressed but had red wine hangover from night before!
    Love the blog
    A new follower

  4. I can't believe I've never heard of a Bucks Fizz! Mimosas, I've had plenty.

    Joy! An excuse to experiment!

  5. We tried the Tesco Cava at the weekend & very impressed, good tip!


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