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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Paperback rider: Bicycleclips

Bank holidays - ah! What do you have planned for yours? My dream bank holiday goes something like this: bike off to the sunny countryside, grab an ice cream, and sit reading - alongside a loved one - under a leafy tree. In reality my bank holiday will go something like this: wake up grouchy and a bit hungover, have to go to the shops to buy milk, get caught in a downpour, spend the rest of the afternoon sulking on my couch.

At least these Bicycleclips will help me maintain my blissful thoughts just a little bit longer. Not only cute, they're also immensely practical paperclips that are cunningly twisted into the shape of bikes. Though I'll be sofa bound, with one of these marking my place in my book, my imagination will be cycling free and plotting what to do next bank holiday instead.

A set of four costs £3.50 from The Present Finder, leaving plenty of money for ice cream (even if it's just from the shop at the end of the road).


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