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Monday, 25 April 2011

Dream Dresses: Dahlia

Dahlia is a curious little fashion label. Like Fever and Closet, they seem to pop up all over the place and before you know it, every dress you've got your eye on is made by them. A little off-beat high street never hurt anyone. Especially not when all of their dresses are so wanty.

This pink dress is so cute. The slightly dropped-waist means it's not for me, but it's very gorgeous indeed. It's £68.

Usually I'd be bored to tears with any dress with a ditsy floral print on it. But this one avoids the usually prom shape, or tea-dress style. Instead, it's short enough so it doesn't look dated. Loving the curtain tie-back style belt too. This one is £60.

I'm a sucker for an animal print dresses (I've got about eleventy billion), and this one is adorable. I love the coral trim, it's a really pretty touch. I basically can't decide which of these I like the most. Can I have all of them? And this skirt? And this scarf?


  1. Great label, their shop off Carnaby St, is really pretty. Sadly their lengths are very shop, so a bit tricky for tall girls :-(

  2. and girls with big bottoms like me! flasher! :o)

  3. Lucky for the shorter girls among us then! Jayne, do you find that Topshop Tall has got very bottom flashy with its lengths of late? I have a lovely TT dress which I can't wear bare legged in case I flash people. Hardly tall if it's so mini...

  4. Jayne- You could've gone with that and created a new saying. I thought it meant short and trendy and felt very old having never heard the phrase before.

    Yes short dresses = fake tan disasters and odd crouching and twisting whenever I drop something. Just above knee length would be fine. We're not all 20 year old bambi legged girls.

  5. Heh, none of the Domestic Sluts can really call themselves 20 year old Bambi legged girls!


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