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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: thornback and peel

We are pretty keen on both jelly and cake here at Domestic Sluttery so this wallpaper from thornback and peel was bound to catch my eye, tempting me with its resplendent Victorian-esque bounty.

But if jelly and cake is just a touch too whimsical for your taste then you may prefer the more gritty realism of their pigeons design.

The wallpapers both cost £65 per roll and are available by through the website via special order.


  1. The jelly one is definitely my favourite.

  2. This is my very favourite wallpaper ever (I'm a loser, and have it saved in some kind of insane internet bookmark so that I can snap it up if I ever buy somewhere). Frankly, yum.

  3. this jelly wallpaper is amazing


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