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Wednesday 20 April 2011

Sluttishly Easy: Raspberry Jam

When I think of vintage recipes I think of simple, wholesome food and lots of it. Which is what you get with Exciting Cooking by Jean Balfour, a vintage cookbook I picked up at my local charity shop. Published in 1953, the recipes range from the simple to the obscure including a whole section on household hints...Bicarbonate of Soda basically being the fifties housewife's best friend!

So, how about some vintage cooking? My mission (dons pinny) - to cook my way through the book.

Starting off simply (adopts 'BBC English' accent) I decided to make raspberry jam. I've never made jam before and was a little scared that I'd either a) break the glass jar while sterilizing it or b) burn the jam (I tend to burn food a lot). I'm pleased to say I did neither. The recipe is so simple (two main ingredients) and takes no time whatsoever. If you want to end up with jars and jars of the stuff, follow the quantities specified. To make enough to fill a Kilner jar, adjust the quantities to 450g of each ingredient.

Pop some twine and a 'Happy Summer' tag around it and there you have it! Ta-da! I swear by the Brogues on my feet and the ribbon in my hair this is the yummiest jam I've ever tasted. Brew up and cut yourself a crusty piece of bread or, if you're like me, grab a spoon and enjoy....courtesy of Jean.

Now then, what's next? Stewed tripe anyone?...

This was a guest post by Lisa of the wonderful Matilde Heart Manech. We're going to pop to hers for tea very soon. You should pop and read her blog.


  1. Yay! I love raspberry jam and was thinking only the other day that this year I might try making it myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No enumbers! Yay! Going to attempt this with strawberries instead. Raspberries and I are not friends, yet somehow this still looks tasty.

  3. Siany - different fruits have different amounts of pectin (the chemical that makes jam 'gel') - so strawberry /may/ not work the same as raspberry.

    A lot of preserve recipes either use sugar with added pectin (think it gets sold as 'jam sugar' or something), or use fruit that has masses of natural pectin to start with...

    ...not saying it won't work, but a small test quantity might be sensible at first. That said, if it doesn't gel, you'll still have a yummy syrup of strawberries, which can be spooned onto scones etc - it'll just be a bit messier ;)


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