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Wednesday 13 April 2011

It's a crazy golf world

I've mentioned my formative years in a small seaside town here before. I could go into more detail - instead I'll summarise and just say it was very dull. Some of my contemporaries turned to teenage rebellion to get them through, I turned to crazy golf. It didn't do much for my credibility but I learnt the happiness you can get from a mini windmill and a hole in one. This love hasn't left me. Hastings, New Malden, Sidcup, I've played all the great courses in my time.

It looks like those travels may be over. Thanks to this crazy golf set I can always have the game at my fingertips. And seeing as it's made by Habitat, I guess that gives it some credibility too. What? Made for kids you say? Hush with that negativity, I'm actually quite excited about the possibilities of this set. Now, if this was in my home, I'd want to up the 'crazy' factor - maybe a washing up bottle space ship maybe over one of the holes? A few loo roll tunnels too, what do you think? It's not quite the crazy golf course of my dreams just yet though, at £30 and available on the high street, it's a damn good start.

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