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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Blogs We Love: The Goddess Guide

When Gisele Scanlon of The Goddess Guide fame writes about something, I pay attention. Her finds make me want to explore more and fill me with 'wish I'd found that first' envy. They also make me excited and I tend to fall in love with design and creativity all over again. She's got a wonderful eye, and I never get bored of her books. Nor does my male housemate, he's a secret fan and can be found reading my copies when he thinks no one is looking.

And now, Ms Scanlon has finally got herself a blog. Designed by the equally talented Katie of What Katie Does, it's an absolute treat. There's a fashion focus, and it's somewhat London-centric at the moment, but as Gisele travels so much (see? jealous), it'll soon be full of wonderful treats and finds from around the world.

I haven't been this excited about a blog in a long time and it's an absolute joy to read. Recent posts include a piece about The Rochelle Canteen - a cute cafe in an old bike shed, and a post about the perfect hat. I suggest you stop reading us and go and spend your lunchtime with The Goddess Guide blog instead. We'll still be here when you get back. And when you're done, do buy her books. Just leave them out of reach from curious boys.

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  1. My boyfriend reads all my magazines and books. Also, he is obsessed with ANTM and has tried to tell me to 'smize' before. Mildly concerned.
    Love this website!


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